Purchasing Buckeyes from Pathfinders Farm


    Please note that for 2014 we are sold out for chicks.

    We will be selling a small number of started birds in the
    fall of 2014. We charge a very reasonable rate, not having
    increased our prices since we started.

    Selling Buckeyes is not something we consider a source of
    income, our goal is simply to assist in getting good quality
    birds into the hands of people who desire them, and to
    promote this wonderful breed.

    Note that we do not selling hatching eggs.

    Our prices are as follows:

    Chicks: Sold out for 2014. Taking names for our waiting
    list for 2015.
    Contact us for more information and to be placed on
    our waiting list.

    We charge $150 for a box of 25 straight-run (unsexed)
    chicks. That includes shipping via Express Mail, the box, a
    heater pad in cold times, and a healthy portion of Grow
    Gel Plus to keep the chicks hydrated during their travel.

    Started birds: We charge between $25 to $100 for started
    birds (depending on gender and quality) plus a
    box/shipping fee (anywhere from $50 to $75, depending
    on weight and location.)

    We can fit a pair of young birds in one box, or they can be
    delivered to shows we attend in KY, OH, and IN. Contact
    us to get on our waiting list.

    Satisfaction Guaranteed:

    Like any breeder of show quality poultry, our birds are a work in
    progress. No one has a perfect chicken, and there is always something
    to be improved upon in one area or another.

    But we do feel good enough about our stock to offer a 100%
    Satisfaction Guarantee. If you buy birds from us and are not happy
    with how they grow out, please don't hesitate to contact us and let us
    know. We're always happy to hear from our customers, and if there's
    a problem of some sort with birds tracing back to our genetics, we will
    do everything in our power to ensure you are happy with our birds and
    your transaction with us.

    Of course, we have no control over variables such as the quality of
    feed fed to chicks, (poor quality or an imbalance in feed can lead to
    bad color and feather quality in adult birds, small size, or other issues
    such as rickets) and we cannot extend this guarantee if chicks are not
    feed a high quality ration throughout their growth and lifetimes, or if
    they are exposed to disease at any time.

    We do offer to vaccinate chicks for Marek's Disease before shipment
    for only the cost of the vaccine itself, (we don't make any profit on
    this.) If customers choose not to pay for the vaccine we cannot be held
    responsible for subsequent losses to the disease, and even vaccinated
    chicks may still sustain a small percentage of losses.


    We are pleased to be back into Buckeye bantams! For the first part of
    2014 we will be retaining all we hatch in order to boost our numbers of
    these little cuties. Should we have enough chicks to sell, we'll update
    this page to reflect that.

    And be sure to check out the American Buckeye Poultry Club for
    more info on Buckeyes!
Prices for Buckeyes
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